Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scratchpad RAM

Scratchpad memory (SPM), as well known as scratchpad, scatchpad RAM or neighboring store in computer terminology, is a high-speed inner memory used for temporary storage of calculations, data, and other work in progress. In situation to a microprocessor ("CPU"), scratchpad refers to a particular high-speed memory circuit used to hold small items of data for quick retrieval.

It can be considered as alike to an L1 cache in that it is the memory subsequently closest to the ALU's after the internal registers, with explicit instructions to move data from and to major memory, often by means of DMA-based data transfer.

Normally, a cache is used to temporarily store copies of data that resides on slower major memory. On the other hand, the CPU can use scratchpad RAM for any purpose, like storing instructions or intermediate values.


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